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Different Types Of UPVC Windows

UPVC What is it?

UPVC is known as Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. We at Classical Interiors believe that the UPVC Windows is truly a modern engineering marvel. UPVC windows goes on to prove that even the most technical aspects of design can yield most beautiful results. They are user friendly, modern, and secure. It has a wider application. It is a far more superior material in comparison to the other materials which are used in making doors and windows. They are way better than aluminium, steel, and timber. Due to its unique nature and build along with the sealing system it prohibits the leakage of water, air, or for that matter even sound.

The making of UPVC mainly constitutes natural resources salt(57%) and oil(47%) with the use of very little energy. The energy used is comparatively very less than the power consumption used in manufacturing of aluminium. They are eco-friendly.

Windows and doors are technically the face of our house. In ways more than one, their design reflects our personality and style to the outside world. Windows not only brighten our day, but also allows light and ventilation catering to our overall wellbeing by protecting us from rough weathers.

Classical interiors is a name associated with beautiful, elegant, classy, sturdy, long lasting interiors. We create exquisite, user friendly, durable, smooth finish UPVC Windows in all shapes, designs, texture, and types. As we feel user friendliness should never be compromised so we strive to provide our customers the key to security and modern living through our innovative hardware technology. We deal with a huge range of window designs that transforms your structure to the next level.

The tactile features of our UPVC Windows bring about the aesthetic balance. Our UPVC windows gives even a plain structure a new aesthetic elegance. Our structured UPVC window creations are a class apart.

Though the cost of UPVC Windows is a little on the higher side as compared to the more conventional frames, but the UPVC windows compensate for it as they are very durable, low on maintenance, along with numerous other advantages like they do not fade or discolour, does not require painting, looks new for a very long time. They are waterproof, sound proof, termite proof, economical, maintenance free, easy to install. Added to all this is the feature of being non inflammable and non-conductive which simply means they do not allow for the transfer of heat via the glass used in the windows. This feature allows for a consistent temperature inside the house. Using UPVC windows for the balcony is a popular practice as they require very less maintenance and work efficiently.

We offer the most innovative UPVC window designs that span the most popular types of windows. We manufacture and deal with all these below different types of UPVC windows:

1. Tilt and Turn window

Tilt and Turn window is a fantastic combination of design along with functionality. The tilt and turn windows from Classical interiors has an aesthetic appeal when it is closed. Tilt and turn windows can tilt open at an angle from the top with hinges at the bottom or swing inwards with hinges on the side. With the use of advanced engineering and quality engineers a simple turn of a single handle can help perform both the operations. The beauty of this tilt and turn feature is that the tilt position provides ventilation and protection from rain while the turn position provides ease of cleaning, more ventilation, and egress opening. The tilt and turn windows allow maximum sunlight, better insulation, not to forget a touch of aesthetics to the structure.

This type of window is most often used in
a. Ideal for Small Spaces.
b. Living Rooms
c. Bedrooms
d. Washrooms

2. Casement windows

Casement windows and Doors are the earliest forms of windows as this form of windows has been around for a very long time. It features a sash that is hinged from the side on an outer frame and can open both ways, outwards and inwards, to the right or left, allowing maximum flow of air into the room. They are extremely energy efficient when closed. Like all other UPVC windows, casement window protects against rain water seepage and storms. Casement windows have superior sound insulation, multi-point locking for higher security. Casement windows are also available in variety of designs, colours, and hardware

This type of window is most often used in
a. Kitchen
b. Study rooms
c. Bedrooms
d. Bathrooms
e. AC Rooms

3. Villa windows

Villa window is an innovation engineered specifically for Indian conditions to prevent from theft and burglary without comprising on the ventilation, while providing all the standard benefits of a casement window, making it the best choice for Indian homes. They are extremely energy efficient. They provide protection from insects, mosquitoes, and theft. Multi-chambered design and dual seals lessens heat loss and noise infiltration. It protects from rain, dust, and pollution. We provide pre-fabricated and factory fitted UPVC windows for quality and consistency. They are low on maintenance and can be cleaned easily.

This type of window is most often used in
a. High Rise Apartments
b. Bedrooms
c. Living rooms

4. Fixed windows

Fixed windows as we know are stationary which are the non-opening UPVC windows, allowing light into the room. This offers a clear outside view while enhancing the aesthetic of a house. These types of windows can be teamed with any other type of window to create multi-utility system. Due to its air-tight seals can prevent dust, noise, heat, and pollution. This allows maximum sunlight. They are extremely energy efficient and it protects from rain water seepage and storm. They are also available in a huge variety of colours, designs, and hardware

This type of window is most often used in
Any type of room or architectural style – classic to contemporary

5. Glass to Glass windows

This type of window is a preferred choice for contemporary styled homes. They bring improved ventilation as it can be moved right or left with a smooth sliding motion. These are fitted with horizontal sashes with rollers at the bottom for swift sideways movement. There is swiftness in operating it and are also very easy to operate it. They also are good for air circulation and provide a panoramic views. This type of windows adds to the beauty of the modern structure. They prevent noise, dust, heat, and pollution. It facilitates optimized space usage.

This type of window is most often used in
a. Either large or tall openings
b. Balconies.
c. Bedrooms

6. Combination windows

Combination windows as the name suggests is an amalgamation of casement, sliding or fixed window in any possible combination in a variety of sizes and designs as per the requirement. The main advantage is that they are built into one attractive, strong, integrated frame. Air-tight seals help reduce the noise, dust, heat, and pollution. There is more flexibility here in terms of shape, style or size. Designed for strength. They have excellent aesthetics and also have a long lasting durability

This type of window is most often used in
a. Wide and/or tall apertures
b. Bedrooms
c. High Rise Apartments

7. Bay windows

Bay window is a combination of three or more windows that projects outward away from the main wall forming a bay. This could be either polygonal or square. This helps to bring about space and creating a little private corner in the home. They are functional, look attractive and elegant. It is one of the most sophisticated window designs which is known for both its beauty and functionality. These are weather resistant, do not rust, termite free, corrosion free, and do not fade. They are safe and secure with superior energy efficiency and excellent sound insulation.

This type of window is most often used in
a. Ideal for small spaces.
b. Bedrooms.
c. Living rooms.

8. Sliding Window

These are one of the most versatile and easy to operate UPVC windows. They can be moved with a gentle push. These type of UPVC windows create a visually pleasing effect while also providing the home a fresh upgrade.

This type of window is most often used in
a. Decks.
b. Walkways

9. Double-Hung Window

These are also known as sash window. They help maintain the rustic charm and aesthetics of a traditional home yet providing the benefits of a modern, maintenance-free UPVC window. This provides both style and functionality.

This type of window is most often used in
a. Traditional yet modern house.
b. Farmhouse.
c. Bungalow sort.

10. Louvered Window

These windows provide the most in terms of vision and ventilation. This allows for maximum natural ventilation when fully open. They are also an attractive and practical window alternative. These help in maintaining comfortable temperatures inside across all seasons.

This type of window is most often used in
a. Industries
b. Bathrooms

You can browse through our UPVC window designs, explore our world of UPVC windows, install them, and feel the difference! Feel free to reach out to us. We are available and would be more than happy to assist you.

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