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UPVC Windows

UPVC is a type of standard hard plastic which is known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is recently being used rampantly for windows and doors as it is the most preferred choice of the people owing to its unique features and numerous advantages.

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is moisture, pollution, corrosion, and mould resistant. Recently this has been a well acknowledged and accepted alternative to the timber and aluminum windows. Many people off late have been changing their window panels from the age oldtraditional windows to the modern elegant UPVC windows. UPVC windows provides more security and is very durable.

Windows are an integral part of a building. They enhance the looks of the building. They provide for natural light and fresh air entry inside. They are quite essential to the house. Of late windows and doors have been the decisive factor when constructing a house in terms of the cost, looks, and theoverall comfort of the building. UPVC window systems has beenan instant hit since its inception due to their long shelf life and easy and low maintenance.

Often most of us wonder which material of windows are most suitable for the bathrooms. Windows of the bathroom need to provide adequate privacy, safety, should be durable to the continuous exposure of hot water, moistness, dampness etc. These few are decisive factors when choosing the windows for the bathrooms/toilets. We wonder as to which material would be the right one or a good pick for the bathroom?

Knowing well that this is a common concern or worry among many people, let us try to decode and understand some of the features and as to which material is good for windows of bathroom/toilet. There are many different parameters which needs to be analysed before arriving at the conclusion. After having analysed the different parameters we can safely vouch that UPVC windows are one of the most idealistic options for windows of the bathroom/toilet.

We have tried to provide a glimpse of the reasons we felt the UPVC windows are the right choice for bathrooms/toilets. Let us go through it one by one:

1. Double-hung Kitchen Windows

In the case of small bathrooms, the major concern or constraint is the space. Especially fitting patio doors is an even bigger concern. By making small changes we can try to accommodate everything in our limited resources. If we choose the UPVC sliding windows then the daunting task of deciding on which side should the door open would cease to exist, as these windows slide and do not occupy any extra space.

Even in the case of bigger or moderately spacious bathrooms, sliding UPVC windows serve in helping utilize the space more efficiently and effectively. There is always more need of space at any given point, therefore a bit of space can be saved with the installation of the UPVC sliding windows to the bathrooms/toilets.

2. Moisture/weather resistant

As we all aware that though the wooden doors have a very long shelf life, but they are not the ideal choice for windows of the bathrooms/toilets as they tend to contract and expand and also rot with such level of exposure to dampness. Neither are the metal windows an option as these tend torust when in contact with water/moisture, added to it they do not blend well with the other interiors aesthetically. This is where the UPVC windows come in. They neither rot, decay, or corrode as they do not retain moisture. The longevity of the UPVC windows is attributed to the basic fact that they are highly water-resistant hence do not rot, flake, rust or fade.

3. Low and easy maintenance

Apart from being highly user friendly, practical, and functional, UPVC sliding windows make our life lot easieras there is no constant or expensive maintenance required. It just requires a few periodic cleaning sessions. Generally, the windows and doors of the bathrooms tend to develop tough, irritable water and soap stains which do not go off easily, and is a cumbersome task, but with the UPVC windows it just requires a simple wet cotton cloth wipe.

4. Increases the aesthetic value of the exteriors and interiors

Each of us work really hard to construct and maintain a beautiful and comfortable home. Every space has its own importance and value in the house, so do the bathrooms. A neat, well maintained bathroom is both hygienic and pleasant, but with the windows peeling, rusting, flaking, or expanding or contracting it becomes very difficult to manage the cleanliness as well as the functionality of the windows. Undoubtedly UPVC windowsare the preferred and practical choice for the windows of bathrooms/toilets.


Most often bathroom/toilet windows tend to rust, rot, corrode, thicken, etc., due to the constant moisture exposure. With the use of UPVC windows for the bathrooms/toilets you can be rest assured as they are resistant to heat, moisture, rot, etc. Another important factor is proper ventilation and light along with high level of secureness and privacy. UPVC windows take care of these concerns and are one of the most commonly used windows in the recent. Some of the most popular window types for bathrooms/toilets have been the fixed UPVC windows, casement UPVC windows, sliding UPVC windows, awning UPVC windows, hopper UPVC windows. With such wide options available, you can make a choice as to what suits your preference and is ideal for your bathroom/toilets in terms of looks and functionality. With the aforementioned factors, we can safely assume that UPVC windows are the perfect choice for the bathrooms/toilets, which in every sense makes for a wise decision. UPVC windows unequivocallywin hands down as the ideal choice of material for the windows of the bathroom/toilets. The UPVC windows are available in a wide range of options including the designs, sizes, patterns, dimensions, colours, etc., to choose from. What is more you even get the dual tone option which can help blend in well with the interiors of the bathroom/toilet as well as the exteriors of the bathroom.

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