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UPVC Windows

UPVC is a form of plastic that is quite hard and inflexible,because of which the UPVC is also known as rigid PVC. UPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. UPVC windows provide many benefits to its customers like they are easy to maintain, they are energy-efficient, and most importantly durable. Due to the unparalleled features and benefits, UPVC windows and doors have been extensively used in the architectural industry. Of late, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is being used very commonly and regularly for windows and doors as it is the most preferred choice of the people due to its unique features and a host ofbenefits.The word ‘unplasticised’ simply means that no additives or plasticizers are added during the manufacturing process.

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride isresistant to moisture, pollution, corrosion, and mould. In the recent times, this has been a well acknowledged and accepted alternative to the timber and aluminium windows. Many people have been opting for the UPVC windows and changing their old traditional window panels to the modern trendy and elegant UPVC windows. UPVC windows provide exceptional security and are extremely strong and durable.


Windows are an integral part of the house and they play a very important role for every space. They are important not just for the aesthetics or as home décor, but they also are crucial for entry of natural sun light and ventilation.

UPVC windows have gradually become the preferred choice of people. Besides their unique infrastructural brilliance, UPVC windows also offer a wide variety of advantages like they are weather resistant, recyclable, eco-friendly, and also, they require very little maintenance.

When it comes to the kitchens, UPVC windows are undoubtedly the best fenestration choice. As kitchen is the place where you spend a reasonable amount of time in cooking daily meals, brewing coffee, baking, steaming, frying, etc.,you would want a personalised, comfortable, practical kitchen which is airy and does not choke up. Using the right kind of fenestration for the kitchen makes a huge difference.IF not well ventilated then with so much of cooking, the smoke, the kitchen atmosphere gets suffocating. cloggy, and choky and oil, grime residues also tend to settle on the kitchen windows, but with the UPVC windows there is literally nothing to worry about. UPVC kitchen windows provides just the right ventilation to allow proper air flow and therefore does not cause clogging or choking and as regards the residue settling on the windows, UPVC windows are easy to clean and maintain and this hardly does any damage to the UPVC windows.This is exactly the reason why choosing windows for your kitchen must be done wisely.

There are a huge variety of options available for kitchen in the UPVC windows. These are some of the most commonly used patterns of the UPVC windows which are highly practical, user friendly, and ideal for the kitchen set up. Let us have a quick look of these:

1. Double-hung Kitchen Windows

As the name suggest double-hung UPVC kitchen windows have two sashes at the top and the bottom, which helps in opening it both ways, vertically as well as horizontally. As they open from both the sides, i.e., the top and the bottom, they make way for a better amount of light and air inside your kitchen. Due to the versatility and sleekness of these UPVC windows, they have been very popular.

2. Awning Kitchen Windows

One space in a home that needs maximum ventilation, we believe, is the kitchen. Kitchens are the place where there is presence of a lot of humid air in the form of oil splashes, steam, and heat, and these all need an exit path. Awning UPVC kitchen windows act as this path without consuming too much space on your kitchen walls as they are usually installed next to a stationary window, either at the top or the bottom. These UPVC kitchen windows are perfect for the kitchen as they allow that extra-ventilation to enable letting out all the smoke.These windows are conventionally used as ventilators. In a compact kitchen, they could be installed at the ceiling for maximum benefit.Therefore, in very sense, either big and small kitchen, UPVC awning windows are the perfect solution for your kitchen.

3. Picturesque Kitchen Windows

When the main focus is on aesthetics then as the name suggests picturesque kitchen windows are one of the best bet. They are full-length hinged/sliding windows which allows maximum light and ventilation in the kitchen along with giving a beautiful view of the outdoors.

4. Casement Kitchen Windows

For kitchens, the UPVC casement kitchen windows are just perfect regardless of the space and style. They operate on the hinge mechanism. It turns up either towards the right or the left and opens outward. Thesewindows are simple and also easy to operate.The space adjacent to the window can be used to keep your stove or even some plants. Overall, UPVC casement windows are a classic and pragmatic choice for the modern kitchens of every size and type.

5. French Windows

As we know French windows are those floor-to-ceiling glass fixtures which are installed inminimalist frames. These can open both sides, i.e., inwards and outwards. Earlier UPVC French windows were common characteristics of living rooms and bedrooms, but now they are being used in kitchens as well and are equally rewarding for the kitchens.Due to their design, they light up your kitchen beautifully and also adds a spacious illusion.Toughened glass or frosted glass can be used as for the need of added security or privacy.

6. Bay Windows

IF your kitchen is smaller than you would like it to be, then extending with a bay window is an ideal solution without spending too much of money. UPVC bay windows are exactly what you require as bay windows breaks the quadrangular structure of the kitchen and extends it a little to the outside providing you some additional space. As they allow sufficient amount of light to infiltrate the kitchen, they are just right for the badly ventilated or congested kitchens.

7. Slider Kitchen Windows

As the name implies, these windows can be opened by sliding either to the left or to the right. They do not consume too much space and provide adequate light and ventilation required for a kitchen. Slider kitchen windows have horizontal sliders which comes with three-pane configuration. As with all UPVC windows, these are also easy maintenance, easy to open and close, and also adds a sophisticated touch to the kitchen.


There is a wide range of choices available to choose from for the kitchen window pattern/design. All of these patterns come with a host of advantages and are the practical solutions for the kitchen windows. Depending on the taste of the individual, budget, needs and requirement, space, and many other factors a choice can be made. Installing a right type of UPVC kitchen window not only increases the appeal, but also provides adequate light and ventilation making your cooking a comfortable and non-cumbersome experience. Choosing any of theabove-mentionedwindow patterns will not only increase your kitchen décor but also adds adequately to the functionality as well. All these window styles allow maximum light penetration and ventilation. You could also install strengthened or heat-resistant glass in them so that your UPVC kitchen windows last longer.

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