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UPVC Windows Lifespan

UPVC Windows

UPVC which stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride is a lightweight plastic developed for use in windows and doors primarily. They are extremely sturdy and durable. They do not change shape or size. They do no fade. They look new for decades. They are the most widely used windows and doors at the present time.

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is resistant to pollution, moisture, corrosion, and mould. Due to its unique and varied range of benefits UPVC windows have been a popular choice by and large. This is a longer lasting alternative instead of the timber and aluminum windows. We would have all noted that recently many people have been changing from the traditional windows to the modern UPVC windows. Theyoffer a higher level of durability and security. When the desire is to have great windows, which are cost-effective and of high-quality and also provide great insulation from weather and pollution, then UPVC window is undoubtedly the best bet for your home. Classical Interiors offers you the best UPVC window solutions.

UPVC windows have a unique aesthetic appeal, and also offers a variety of laminated hues. Thanks to the technology which is advancing in a fast pace, double glazed UPVC window remains a favourite with the top commercial and residential house builders.
Unlike the other windows, UPVC windows do not get infested. They do not corrode, rot, or mould, which ensures a longer UPVC window lifespan. A regular painting or varnishing also is not required. The UPVC window frames are incredibly weatherproof which is one more reason for the longevity of these windows. UPVC windows as we know are high-performance and long-lasting due to their structural composition.

Though a lot is already being said about the UPVC windows being low on maintenance and long lasting, let us go through some more details of the same. Besides the exceptional thermal efficiency, UPVC windows are incredibly low maintenance. However, they cannot be left totally unattended and ignored. They do require regular attention every now and then to maintain their flawless aesthetics and optimum performance for as long as possible. Therefore, a periodic quick wipe down of the frames with a soft cloth, which is non-abrasive, dipped in some clean soapy lathery water is required. This can be finishedoff with a quick spray of oil on the moving parts to keep it agile and moving will keep your UPVC windows in excellent condition for years to come.

Typically, the UPVC windows lifespan is an average of 20 years, though it can vary anywhere from 10 to 35 years which is dependent on various factors like the quality of the UPVC windows and also the upkeep of the UPVC windows. Sometimes if the UPVC windows are of extremely poor quality, then they might not last even a meagre 5 year also. There are quite a few factors which contribute towards a higher lifespan of the UPVC windows. It goes without saying that for any product to function well,the use of high-quality raw material is very important.

Classical Interiors deal with the best premium quality UPVC window solutions. We offer a minimum guarantee of 20 years on all our products. The UPVC window lifespan can increase further if cared for properly and maintained duly. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, get expert advice, better home improvement plans, and to know our products better. We would be more than happy to provide more inputs on the UPVC windows lifespan.

The UPVC windows lifespan is dependent on the quality of the raw products, composition, maintenance, etc. Whilst the UPVC windows by nature have a long lifespan, but then the longevity is also dependent on the ingredientvariations by each manufacturer. Some use fillers and pigments, others might add metal salts and soaps. The specific composition used in manufacturing is mainly what determines the life of your UPVC windows.The other main factor which cannot be missed is the correct installation by skilled and experienced professionals.

Apart from the longevity of the UPVC windows, they are also recyclable. Hence a good quality UPVC window lasts decades in the form of windows and later on can be recycled and reused as pipes and plumbing fittings.

Let us know a few factors which indicate the end of lifespan of the UPVC windows

1. Yellowing Appearance: This is a clear indication of the usage of poor-quality raw materials. This can at times bring down the life of UPVC windows to as little as 5 years. A superior quality UPVC window uses premium quality raw material like pure vinyl virgin resin. This ensures that a lighter coloured frame retains the pristine appearance for the full time. Certain UPVC windows exhibit poor pigmentation which is a sign that the UV-resisting ingredient has not been used for the uPVC formula at the time of manufacturing.

2. Condensation: This indicates that cold air is able to make to enter inside the pane which means that there is leakage and the seal integrity has been breached, though this can be repaired.

3. Misting Inside the Glass: This is an indication that your UPVC windows are no longer performing effectively. The misting occurs only when the seal is not working correctly. Due to which the gas between the two panes is leaking which is being replaced by moist air. When this happens, it means that the heat is being lost due to which it is difficult to keep your home warm anymore. These UPVC windows need to be replaced.


While purchasing UPVC windows, check for the quality of the products, the ratings of the manufacturers, etc. Always make clever choices after a lot of research. Classical Interiors UPVC Windows have an A+ rating and a lifespan of 35 years at the least. The usage of good quality raw material, proper installation, a clear update of the after sales maintenance of the UPVC windows to the customers together contribute towards a higher UPVC window lifespan for the Classical Interiors products. All our UPVC windows are manufactured with the highest quality products along with the use of the most advanced technology to bring the best finish and supreme quality windows.

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