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UPVC Windows Standard Sizes In India

UPVC Windows

UPVC is known as Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. It has wide applications. UPVC windows goes on to prove that even the most technical aspects of design can yield the most beautiful results. UPVC is often used for window frames due to its durability and very little maintenance needs. We at Classical Interiors believe that the UPVC windows is truly a modern engineering marvel. They are user friendly, modern, and secure. On many criterias, it is a far more superior material in comparison to the other materials which are used in making windows and doors. UPVC windows are way better than aluminium, steel, and timber windows on various grounds. With its unique nature and build along with the sealing system it prohibits the leakage of water, air, or for that matter even sound.

The making of UPVC mainly constitutes of natural resources salt (57%) and oil (47%) with the use of very little energy. The energy which is used is very less compared to the power consumption used in manufacturing of aluminium.

UPVC window frames do not rot, warp, corrode, or rust like other window frame materials. They are eco-friendly. UPVC windows have a unique aesthetic appeal, and also offer a variety of laminated hues. They can be recycled and reused many times. UPVC windows have seemingly been increasing to become one of the best options for designing contemporary living spaces. UPVC is a popular material mainly because the UPVC windows require very little maintenance. It just requires a simple cleaning around the frames a couple of times every year.

Windows and doors are technically the face of our house. In ways more than one, their design, pattern, colour scheme reflects our personality and style to the outside world. Windows not only brighten our day, but also allows light and ventilation catering to our overall wellbeing by protecting us from the rough weathers.

Classical Interiors is one of the best among the UPVC windows manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and installation providers. Since our inception, we have managed to firmly establish ourselves as one of the most undisputed leader among the other manufacturers that offer the best UPVC windows here. Classical interiors is a name associated with beautiful, elegant, classy, sturdy, long lasting interiors. We deal with a huge range of window designs and patterns which transforms your structure to the next level of marvel and beauty. We create exquisite, user friendly, durable, smooth finish UPVC windows in all shapes, dimensions, sizes, designs, texture, patterns, and types.

Home is where the heart is. Homes are among the most basic essential needs for us since the time of civilization. The comfort and warmth of a home is something that all of us look forward to, yearn, and relish. Irrespective the dimensions of a home, windows and doors play a very important role. Windows are one of the most important factors which contribute towards the comfort of home. It is very important to have well designed and well-structured windows to get the most of light and ventilation while suiting the design and size of the home. The material of the windows is a major game changer in this.

UPVC windows have replaced traditional wooden frames as the preferred option for many. UPVC is the perfect material to be used for window frames due to its many benefits. Let us have a quick look at some of the most important features, advantages, and their strong points. Here goes the list:

1. UPVC windows do not decompose. They are resistant to tough weather conditions. Due to their innate structure and composition they neither rot or decompose. Added to this they are termite free.

2. UPVC windows do not contract or expand due to heat or extreme weather conditions and hence it retains its original shape and structure when in the position, but nevertheless UPVC windows can be reshaped, reused, and recycled at a very high temperature. It is resistant to weathering

3. UPVC windows offer protection from air pollution in the urban areas. They are also sound proof reducing the effects of noise pollution. UPVC is also a more affordable option compared to other window frames like wood or aluminium.

4. UPVC windows also are highly energy efficient. They not only keep your home feeling warm and comfortable, but also contributes and helps in reducing the electricity bills.

Over time there have been a lot of changes, upgradations in the UPVC windows making it now available in a wide range of styles, finishes, and colours.

Standard UPVC Window Size

UPVC Windows come in various types and patterns like the Tilt and Turn Windows, Awning Windows, Sliding Windows, Casement Windows, Fixed Windows, and many more. Although all types of UPVC window can be customized as per our requirement and taste, there is certainly the need of a fixed standard window size and hence maintained and available everywhere. It can be customised either in size, colour, pattern, etc. As a standard protocol, all these above types and more types of UPVC windows come in a fixed standard size.

The fixed Standard UPVC window sizes generally come in a wide range of heights which moves up in the equivalents of two brick courses mostly in the increments of 150 mm. Generally, all the dimensions are in the measurements of millimeter.

The fixed standard UPVC window heights are available in the dimensions of
1. 450 mm.
2. 600 mm.
3. 1,050 mm.
4. 1,200 mm.
5. 1,350 mm.
6. 1,500 mm.
The width of the UPVC window sizes are a bit more complicated.
The fixed Standard UPVC window width generally are available in the dimensions of
1. 488 mm.
2. 630 mm.
3. 915 mm.
4. 1,200 mm.
5. 1,770 mm.


The UPVC Windows standard sizes in India are based on the fixed standard sizes set by the standard norms and most commonly available based on many factors. Depending on our weather conditions, natural factors, the strength and durability of the windows, the material used for windows, there is certain fixed standard size designated and used commonly. It is finally up to us to decide what size of window is most suitable to our structure and proceed with it.

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