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UPVC Windows Vs Aluminium Windows

UPVC Windows

UPVC is unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. This is a type of standard hard plastic material which is recently being used rampantly for windows and doors.
Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is resistant to moisture, pollution, corrosion, and mould. Due to its unique and varied range of benefits, UPVC windows have been a preferred choice. We would have all noted that many people recently have been changing from the traditional windows to the modern UPVC windows. When we want to have great windows, which are of superior quality, cost-effective, and also provides great insulation from weather and pollution, then UPVC window is undoubtedly the best choice for our home. UPVC windows have a unique aesthetic appeal, and also offer a variety of laminated hues. They offer better durability and security. Classical Interiors offers you the best UPVC window solutions.


Aluminium as we all know is a strong, lightweight material. From many years aluminium has been used to manufacture windows and doors. Due to its physical and structural composition they are sturdy and durable. Also, thin aluminium sections impart elegance and is used effectively to handle the weight
Here is a quick guide to the pros and cons of aluminium windows vs UPVC windows that helps to zero in on your preference and helps make an informed decision suitable for your home.

1. Durable

UPVC windows: UPVC windows do not rot or corrode. Even in the extreme weather conditions they do not chip or peel. They do not fade or change the shape or size. They are highly durable.
Aluminium windows:Aluminium windows are rustresistant. They are weatherproof. They do not swell or crack when exposed to heat. However, these windows are not very suitable for the coastal areas as aluminium has a tendency to corrode and discolour due to the oxidation in the presence of salty air.

2. More choices

UPVC windows: Though theUPVC windows also come in a variety of colours, shapes, patterns, the choice of colour is limited in comparison to the aluminium windows.
Aluminium windows:Aluminium windows come in multiple colours, styles, and finishes. There is a huge variety to choose from. Most aluminium windows can be fabricated as single, double, or triple-glazed units. The colour options available are more in aluminium windows than in the UPVC windows.

3. Environment-friendly

UPVC windows: UPVC windows are recyclable up to almost 10 times. They are eco friendly.

Aluminium windows:Aluminium is 100 per cent recyclable and can be recycled many times. This makes this material environment-friendly and a sustainable building material.

4. Strength

UPVC windows:UPVC windows are strong and durable. They are resistant to UV rays. It does not rust, corrode, or flake. UPVC windows are even suitable for coastal areas (unlike its counterpart, aluminium, which may corrode or discolour).
Aluminium windows: Undoubtedly aluminium windows have excellent strength and durability, nevertheless they do corrode and discolour.

5. Insulation

UPVC windows:UPVC windows provides good thermal insulation. UPVC windows which are either double glazed or tripleglazed are great to achieve energy-efficient home. UPVC is a poor conductor of heat and does not allow any heat loss or heat gain within the interiors.
Aluminium windows:Aluminium windows provide extremely poor insulation. The main flaw of the aluminium window is that it is not an energy-efficient option. Aluminium being a good conductor of heat allows heat gain and heat loss in the building.

6. Maintenance

UPVC windows:UPVC windowis easy to maintain and is low on maintenance. A regular wipe down of the UPVC windows with clean cloth needs to be done regularly.
Aluminium windows:Though aluminium is a hard-wearing material, the aluminium windows require periodic maintenance. A regular painting is required to maintain the windows.

7. Security

UPVC windows:UPVC windows ensures high security. Multiple-lock systems can be successfully installed in UPVC windows to provide enhanced security.
Aluminium windows: Aluminium windows also ensures good security.

8. Sound proof

UPVC windows:Installation of UPVC windows with double or tripleglaze ensures good soundproof. They work as effective acoustic barriers that significantly cut down noise from the outdoors.
Aluminium windows: These windows do not have significant soundproof mechanism.

9. Longevity

UPVC windows:UPVC is primarily a synthetic plastic polymer, which has an average life span of about 25 to 30 years. This is comparatively less than the aluminium windows. It sometimes would be even lesser if raw material used is of inferior quality. The UPVC windows can be further recycled and reused. Aluminium windows: Aluminium is also a highly durable material. The high quality aluminium windows can last up to almost 45 years because they don't degrade in the same way that the UPVC windows degrade. They further can be recycled.


Both aluminium windows and UPVC windows are considered contemporary, durable, and affordable window solutions for a home. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The enhanced qualities of these materials make them a popular option for residential usage. There is always a consistent debate as to which is a better variant. It is difficult to point out as to which is a betteroption. In the debate of UPVC windows vs aluminium windows, it is up to the individual to decide which of the features like the budget, colours, patterns, longevity are more suitable for their taste and requirement.

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