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UPVC Windows Vs Wooden Windows

UPVC Windows

UPVC is unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. This is a type of standard hard plastic material which is recently being used rampantly for windows and doors.
Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is moisture, pollution, corrosion, and mould resistant. Due to its unique and varied range of benefits UPVC Windows have been a preferred choice. This is a longer lasting alternative instead of the timber and aluminum windows. We would have all noted that many people recently have been changing from the traditional windows to the modern UPVC Windows. When the desire is to have great windows, which are of high-quality and cost-effective and also provide great insulation from weather and pollution, then UPVC window is undoubtedly the best bet for your home. They offer a higher degree of durability and security.

Wooden Windows

Wooden window is not a new thing and does not require any introduction or explanation. Wooden windows are manufacture when the trees are cut down. We all have been using wooden window or timber window frames for many years now. They are far outlasting than any other material used for window frames. There are options even in this, it is up to you to decide whether to go with the soft wood or the hard wood. Softwood is the cheaper one, but certainly not as durable or strong as the hard wood while the hardwood is a little more expensive, but more durable and has a longer lifespan.
With time timber windows have undergone major improvements and changes over the last few years that make them more durable and long-lasting than ever before. You can even fit single, double, or triple glazed windows within the frames. UPVC window frames may be slightly more cheaper, but a UPVC window will require a much sooner replacement than when you choose wooden windows, which compensates for the extra cost of timber.
Let us quickly have a look at some of the features, advantages, disadvantages, and many more of both UPVC window and wooden window. Here is the list of UPVC windows Vs wooden windows.

1. Appearance

UPVC Windows: UPVC windows have their own aesthetic appeal of a modern day look.
Wooden windows: Wooden window frames have a natural, elegant, traditional age-old charm which is unmatched. Aesthetically, the visual benefits of the timber window frames cannot be matched by the UPVC windows.

2. Insulation

UPVC Windows: Double glazing fitting within the UPVC window frames makes it a highly insulated home that helps to keep the heat in and the outdoor noise out.
Wooden windows: Wood delivers your home with natural insulation, which simply means that it will keep the heat in, helping in reducing the energy bills.

3. Environmentally friendly

UPVC Windows: UPVC requires high levels of production.
Wooden windows: Wood is a natural material, hence will have very little impact on the environment while they are manufactured.

4. Lifetime

UPVC Windows: UPVC windows can last a maximum of 35 years. They are aonetime investment.
Wooden windows: Wooden windows could last for as long as 60 years, making them a very long-term investment.

5. Security

UPVC Windows: With a steel core, it is extremely tough to cause any damage let alone break-in throughUPVC windows.
Wooden windows: As a naturally durable material, it is able to withstand the most severe of weather. Wooden window frames help increase the security of your home.

6. Price

UPVC windows: When on a tight budget while replacing your window frames then there is nothing more affordable or value for money material than the UPVC window. These windows are comparatively cheaper to the wooden windows with minimal maintenance.
Wooden windows: Wooden windows undoubtedly are a little on the expensive side, but last much longer when proper care is taken. They require periodic maintenance. While being on expensive side for initial purchase, it also requires further investment in the form of annual or periodic maintenance.

7. Maintenance

UPVC windows: Cleaning the frames with a wipe every now and then will be enough to keep your windows clean, no need for any specialized treatment or extra care.
Wooden windows: These windows require regular periodic sanding, painting, and varnishing which is an expensive affair. Unless properly maintained the wooden windows may not last long. A regular maintenance is mandatory.

8. Durable

UPVC windows: As a non-corrosive material, UPVC windows do not rust or rot like other materials. They can withstand harsh weather.
Wooden windows: Wooden windows are durable when taken care of properly by regular paining. They are susceptible to termites and harsh weathers.

Wood or UPVC Windows?

Both UPVC windows and wooden windows have their own distinctive advantages and disadvantages, but for a few drawbacks wooden windows are the clear choice. We have made some points on UPVC windows Vs wooden windows which makes it easier to decide. When there is a stringent budget, UPVC Windows can be installed instead of the wooden windows. When the thought is about low maintenance then it is prudent to go with the UPVC Windows. Another major benefit of the UPVC Windows is they are termite free. They do not rot or corrode. It is possible to get UPVC windows that look like wood, which are also known as ‘posh’ UPVC windows. They can be replicated. With this option you can enjoy the traditional charm of wooden windows with all the benefits of a modern-day window frame material. It is possible to make UPVC windows look like wooden windows, but it is not possible to make the wooden windows look like the UPVC windows. UPVC windows are a more cost effective, practical, attraction.
With all aspects being looked into, it is notable that there are both advantages and disadvantages in both, a selection needs to be done depending on what our needs are.
Finally, with so many pros and cons of each, it is up to the individual to decide which one is a better option based on their choice, budget, taste, needs, requirement, and many other factors.

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